Clinical Material

Clinical Material - 2009

  Departmentwise Outpatient from January'09 -December'09
  Departmentwise Annual Admissions (In Patients) from January'09 - December' 09

Statement showing the Causalty for  MLC & Non-MLC cases from January'09 - December'09

  Department wise Major Surgeries  from   January'09 - December'09
  Department wise Minor Surgeries  from   January'09 - December'09

Statistics of Normal  and Abnormal Deliveries, Caesarean,  Sterilization
(Tubectomies & MTP) from  January'09-December'09

  Antenatal Cases of Old & New Patients from January'09-December'09
  Ultra Sound Scanning  from  January'09 -December'09
  No. of Births and Deaths during the period from January'09 -December'09
  Statistics of Microbiology Lab Investigations  from  January'09 - December'09
  Statistics of  Biochemistry Lab Investigations  from January'09 -December'09
  Statistics of  Pathology Lab Investigations  from January'09 - December'09
  Statistics of Blood Units Collected and Issued   from January'09- December'09
  Statement shows the Statistics of HIV (AIDS) counselling and Positive Cases from January'09 - December'09
  Positive Cases of Community Disease/viral Disease from Sep'09 to Dec'09
  Consolidated Statistics of BRIMS Hospital for the Last One Year from the Month January-December'09


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